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Approach to Teaching and Learning new language - Suggestopedia and Barque Music

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 This paper answers the following question –
 Choose a particular approach to teaching and learning and describe its key characteristics. Critically examine this approach noting its strengths and weaknesses, referring to other theorists’ ideas and experiences. How does this approach deepen your understanding of your own experiences as a learner? Consider how you might be able to adopt this approach in your own teaching.
 The writer choose to talk about suggestopedia as an approach in language teaching, its impact on unconscious learning through baroque music


Language is important for establishing communication between individuals and teaching and learning new languages have seen many developments in the recent days. Methodology in teaching a language is characterised by many ways and there is link between the practice and the theory. There is also a distinction that is seen between these methods and approaches. One such approach is suggestopedia and barque music which is a well knows approach in language teaching with gives profound results. Suggestopedia deals with the learners in a most subtle way. It provides a very conducive atmosphere to learn and the learners are in a much relaxed mood to learn new language (Howatt, 2004). This paper analyses the key characteristics of the suggestopedia as an approach in language teaching, its impact on the unconscious learning through barque music and how it could be adapted in teaching. <br />

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