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Finance analysis of Suncorp Metway Limited

Number of Words : 2993

Number of References : 26


 Executive Summary
Introduction financial performance of Nationalised Australian banks
 Principal areas of judgement
 Ratio analysis – Profitability, Asset utilization, Liquidity, Debt utilization, P/E Ratio, Earnings per share, Capital Asset pricing, Dividend valuation model.
Recommendations and Conclusion on financial statements
Appendices to financial performance ratios
References for financial statements of banks


This report identifies, analyzes and compares the results of Suncorp’s operating and <b>financial performance</b> with its competitors in the industry for the period 2004 - 2007. Three other chosen competitors include Commonwealth Bank, National Australian Bank (NAB), and Australia and New Zealand Bank (ANZ), as they have the same business background and scales. Using the various calculations of ratio results, this report provides a short analysis for shareholders, advising whether they should maintain, increase, or reduce their investment.<br />

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