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Report on the Supply chain management of Sainsbury

Number of Words : 3356

Number of References : 15


 This report is based on the following requirement –
 Part 1: Select the operation which will form the basis for your assignment.
 Describe the selected operation and its role within its organization. Draw the operation’s Input – Transformation – Output model. Identify its 4Vs profile.
 Part 2: Based on the organization’s pursued strategy, identify a suitable set of operation performance objectives (draw the respective polar diagram).
 What can you say about the operation’s actual performance vs. the required one?
 Part 4: Determine the operation’s layout and comment on its suitability given the operation’s volume/variety profile and process type. Describe the main elements of the technology in place and comment briefly on any improvements needed. Utilizing the job design techniques described in the chapter, assess critically the situation in your selected operation. Are any improvements needed?
 Part 6: For your selected operation describe any inventories being kept and how is re-ordering handled. How does the selected operation choose its suppliers? Comment on the closeness of supply chain relationships. Are they partnership relationships?
 Part 7: Does your selected operation use any MRP or ERP systems? If yes, please elaborate and present some of the benefits of the employed system. If no, do you believe that the adoption of such system could benefit the operation? Does your selected operation use any attributes of the lean philosophy (e.g. eliminate waste) or any of the JIT techniques? If yes, please elaborate. If no, do you believe that the adoption of such techniques could benefit the operation?


The paper discusses about supply chain operation of Sainsbury’s which is one of the UK’s longest running food retailing chain. The paper discusses the various aspects of the supply chain operations such as technology and techniques used in managing supply chain, the relationship with suppliers and business strategies used by the company. The paper also discusses the operation performance objectives of the company.<br />

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