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Assignment on the Topic of Sustainability (waste collection and recycling) in Auckland city

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 1. Introduction – An example of a situation, or good practice that is helping to contribute towards a more SUSTAINABLE existence
 2.1) Describe the good (sustainable) situation/practice and where you found it.
 2.2) Explain what you believe is the background, and cause of this situation/practice
 2.3) Suggest how individuals, communities, and/or governments, might successfully extend this good situation/practice to other areas where it currently either does not occur, or is poorly supported.
 2.4)From an engineering perspective, what might be the design, development, production, or waste mitigation features of this situation/practice that make it successful


Have you ever wondered where does the waste material go when you push the discharge button from your house or the flat where you live in? This is a small exercise based on the sustainability of waste collection and recycling in Auckland City in New Zealand. <br />Managing rubbish in New Zealand is given a lot of importance today. Sustainability and recycling the garbage has become an important topic of concern to ensure the future generation and the grandchildren of tomorrow live in an environment as good as today. <br />Sustainability is gaining immense importance to make life sustainable in the near future. For a high quality of living in Auckland, it is necessary that the waste generated in recycled. The companies based in Auckland should maintain sustainability along with the economic activities which are necessary for the living in a society. Along with economic prosperity, sustainability should be achieved. The sustainability will further bring in economic prosperity, better and efficient utilization of limited resources and also a better living for the new generation. The government authority is taking strict measures to overcome from the problems and drawbacks of waste discharge in the air and one of them is pollution. <br />

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