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Analysis of the famous Sweet Indulgences case study

Number of Words : 3762

Number of References : 6


 This case study analysis provides answers to the questions given below -
  Access the industry’s future growth by using PEST analysis (Social, Demographic, Culture, Economic, Political, Legal, and Technology). Access the nature of impact (i.e. positive or negative) for each factor. Draw conclusions.
  Access the industry’s future profitability by using The Porter’s five forces model and the extended five forces model. Access the nature of impact (i.e. positive or negative) for each force. Draw conclusions.
  What business strategy is Sweet Indulgences supposed to have been pursuing?
 1. Does Sweet Indulgences plan to grow?
 2. What products/services will Sweet Indulgences provide?
 3. In what markets will Sweet Indulgences operate?
 4. What generic strategy will Sweet Indulgences adopt? (Low cost? Differentiation? Leader strategy?)
 5. What position in the industry does Sweet Indulgences to hold? (e.g. vision statement)
 Has Sweet Indulgences been pursuing the above stated strategy?
  What are the strategic capabilities of Sweet Indulgences (Are they valued by the customer? Are they better than the competition? Are they difficult to replicate or imitate?) and do these meet the strategic goals of the company? Are the strategic capabilities consistent with industry’s key success factors?
  Who are the key stakeholders, what are objectives and are their objectives aligned with Sweet Indulgence’s strategic goals?
 How has Sweet Indulgence performed to date? (By using Balance scorecard approach) Draw conclusions.
  Financial perspective (Strong, Medium, Weak performance?)
  Customer perspective (Strong, Medium, Weak performance?)
  Internal business perspective (Strong, Medium, Weak performance?)
  Learning and growth perspective (Strong, Medium, Weak performance?)
  Who are Sweet Indulgence’s key competitors? What generic strategic are these competitors pursing? What are their strength and weaknesses? What is Sweet Indulgence’s future competitive position relative to their key competitors?
  Summary of Sweet Indulgence’s strategic position
  What are the key strategic issues for Sweet Indulgences?
  Identifying strategic options of Sweet Indulgences (Short to medium term recommendations and Long term recommendations)
  Market penetration? New product development? Market expansion? Diversification?
  Evaluation of Sweet Indulgences’ strategic options
  Internal consistency?
  External consistency?
  Strategic advantage creation & maintenance?
  Given Sweet Indulgence’s life-cycle position, what is the most appropriate strategic leadership style [Risktaker? Caretaker? Surgeon? Undertake?] required for Sweet Indulgence’s business? Who should be selected for replace Arthur? Justify your selection.


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