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Report on Marketing channels of Symantec Corporation

Number of Words : 3376

Number of References : 16

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 Introduction 3
 Symantec Corporation 4
 Symantec Products 5
 Marketing Channel Structure 6
 Direct Marketing 7
 Distributor Network and Reselling 8
 Online Marketing 9
 Market Segmentation 11
 Marketing Mix 12
 Recommendation 12
 Conclusion 14
 References 16


Marketing is the most essential process in a business. Due to growing competition having good marketing strategy and channels are very important. There are various marketing channels which are used to introduce new products and enhance the sale of products and services. The marketing channels usually used are direct marketing, distribution, online marketing etc. Since the technology is growing so fast online marketing is becoming the most effective marketing channel. The report discusses about a company, Symantec who are pioneers in the field of security systems and storage management. The report discusses the existing marketing channels of the company and also mentions what other marketing channels it can opt for. The new marketing channel will help in enhancing the sales of their products and services further<br />

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