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Marketing Communication Assignment on Symantec corporation using Duncan Moriaty IMC mini Audit

Number of Words : 3078

Number of References : 11


 Introduction 3
 Customer Initiated Marketing Communication Model - Duncan (2005) 4
 Analysis 4
 Critique 5
 The Basic Model of Consumer Decision Making 6
 Duncan Moriarty Mini Audit of Symantec Corporation 8
 Symantec - Customer Initiated Marketing Communication Model- Duncan 10
 Symantec- Customer Decision Making Model 11
 Conclusion 12
 References 13


This assignment is based on the following assignment description – <br />There are 3 components to this assessment.<br />1. Based on what you have learned and observed to date in the IMC subject review and critique the following;<br />a) customer initiated marketing communication model by Duncan (2005) in the text.<br />B) The basic model of consumer decision making on page 127 <br />Check out the 2 models, research some material about each of them from academic sources - discuss and critique them.<br />2. Using the Duncan Moriaty IMC Mini Audit in the text (p197), select a company (Organisation) and a product or service from that company. Investigate / Analyse the communications (of all types) from that company or organisation to a specific target audience. <br />In the report you will need to compliment the Audit with examples and samples of what they are currently doing to communicate with the identified audience. (examples, catalogues, web links, ads, letters, viral communications, chalk art – anything ! ( ANY other piece of communication and promotional material) <br />This anaylsis will need to be or can be conducted from an external or even customer perspective given that is unlikely that you will have good detail of the company’s internal operations. (this allows you to look at a company/organisation you don’t work for but may aspire to know something about - a competitor even – it allows for a more objective look at the organisation.) You might want to substitute the word THEIR for OUR in the Mini audit tool (P197) to help achieve this !<br />The evidence you collect might also highlight a gap between what the company/organisation thinks it is doing and what customers are experiencing. This will be worth discussing !<br />3. Using the above research of the 2 models critiqued (Question 1) and audit material (Question 2) in the first phase of this assessment illustrate how the chosen company(organisation) /product/service(s) IMC strategies are:<br />A) reflecting the communication model (Page 102 and or others you found in your research) and<br />B) delivering appropriate communications into the consumer decision making process, and <br />C) specifically look at how the target audience will see integration of the components (the organisation is communicating).<br />

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