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Essay on the Strategic Management of Symantec Corporation and future recommended strategies

Number of Words : 3520

Number of References : 16


 Essay 1 2
 Introduction 2
 Corporate Strategies of Symantec 3
 Segmented Approach 3
 Differentiation Strategy 4
 Focus Strategy 5
 Strategy Development Process 6
 Analyze Consumer Needs 6
 Incorporate Added features or Services to the product 7
 Change the strategy depending upon the market response 7
 Conclusion 8
 Essay 2 9
 Introduction 9
 Management Strategies 9
 Organizing Strategies 10
 Resource Management Strategies 10
 Change Management Strategies 12
 Expansion Strategies 14
 Conclusion 15
 References 16


Strategic management is important in order to survive in the market amidst competition. The earlier days of linear management methods of industries of the past are no longer relevant to the current scenario of heightened competition and changing market demands. The companies need to constantly reinvent their products, services, marketing strategies, value additions etc. in order to remain in the market. Strategic approaches to management, product development, product placing in the market become important in order to order to gain competitive edge in the market. Symantec Corporation was established in 1982 in California State of the USA (Symantec Corporation, 2009). Symantec is one of the foremost companies in providing security, storage and systems management solutions to individual customers, small businesses and larger multinational corporations (Symantec Corporation, 2009). The business and home suites help customers their computers against threats like viruses, phishing, hacking etc. Symantec is also into storage management and protection in large organizations. It offers business suites to medium and large organizations to manage their servers, storage devices, batch activities such as back up and restore (Symantec Corporation, 2009). The essay discussed strategy development processes of Symantec. The essay also discusses some of the strategies adopted by the company in order to gain and retain market leadership.<br />Businesses are facing increasing competition at local, national and international levels and responsiveness to these changes are considered crucial to their success (BPM, 2004). Efficiency and effectiveness are not sufficient in the current global competition, instead strategic actions of the companies are more relevant to the success of current day businesses (Milan, 2008). Strategies make or break an organization. A good strategy might take a company far ahead of its competitors. Some of strategies that are crucial to the success of a business are organizing strategies, resource management strategies, change management strategies, expansion strategies etc. The essay discusses key strategies of Symantec Corporation that are crucial to the success of the organization as the market leader. The essay also recommends a few strategic plans in order to retain the market leader position. <br />

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