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Discussion of Tacit knowledge from theoretical perspective and Tacit Knowledge Management carried out in organizations

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 Introduction 2
 Tacit Knowledge – A Theoretical Perspective 2
 Tacit Knowledge in Everyday Life 6
 Tacit Knowledge in Organizations 7
 Not Sharing Tacit Knowledge 9
 Conclusion 10
 References 11


People acquire knowledge in various ways. Some of the methods of acquiring knowledge are through conscious efforts to seek knowledge by the way of reading books, attending seminars, training courses etc. While some other ways of acquiring knowledge are mostly at subconscious level without directing attention to gaining knowledge. The first form of knowledge is called ‘explicit’ knowledge. The second form of knowledge is called ‘tacit’ knowledge. The management of explicit knowledge is simpler as compared to the tacit knowledge. Since the capture of explicit knowledge is by conscious efforts and the source of knowledge are known, it becomes easier to capture and harness explicit knowledge. However, the capturing and harnessing of tacit knowledge can be quite difficult task. This paper discusses tacit knowledge from theoretical perspective. The paper also discusses tacit knowledge management carried out in organizations.<br />

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