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Report analyzing the imment takeover of Southcorp by Fosters from a financial perspective

Number of Words : 2042

Number of References : 16


 Introduction – Objective, Background, Scope, Limitations
 Financial instruments - Impact on share price, Impact on interest rates, Impact on yield curve
 Financial markets – Loanable funds market, Foreign exchange market, Economies of scale, direct financial flow markets
 Financial institutions – Depository financial institutions, Investment banks & Merchant banks, Funds flow sectors
 Conclusion report on financial perspective
 Future developments of the financial system
 Bibliography on financial institutions


This report aims to apply the knowledge of the <b>financial system</b> and its major components (<b>financial</b> instruments, <b>financial</b> markets and <b>financial</b> institutions) to investigate, analyze and discuss the imminent takeover of Southcorp by Foster’s, which has been anticipated since the last four months and to study how it affects the domestic capital market.<br />

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