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Strategic assignment on expansion into the Telecom industry of India

Number of Words : 3196

Number of References : 16


  Executive summary
  Three network profile
  Product of the company
  Minuses of the company
  Scope of the Indian telecom sector
  Drawbacks of the Indian telecom sector
  Economic, Technological & Political review
  Entry mode options for Three networks – Exporting, Wholly owned subsidiary, Licensing, Joint venture


This report provides the detailed picture of Indian telecommunication. It shows that growth taking place in Indian market is more than any other country, which is by 27%. Moreover FDI in Telecom between 1991 and 2004 nearly touched $ 2.31 billion. This, again, is expected to rise further in the next few years. Low penetration of cell phones as compared to its population tells that how much market is yet to be explored in this sector. Moreover with new product of third generation technology networks and handsets, allows people to see each other while taking and can send instant pictures. It will be valued by Indian as they have more emotions of staying in touch. In past Indian consumer has always shown a positive attitude towards the new technology. To give them new technology it is important have the good knowledge about the market, which can be gained by entering as joint venture. As Indian economy does not allow foreign companies to enter in the market with more than 74 percent of ownership. States that joint venture is the best entry mode. As it costs also less. Profit in the short can be forecasted so easily due to new technology and large market but to make profits in the long term it is important to consider the price and Indians are more price conscious, due to perfect competition.<br />

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