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Essay discussing the Telstra’s recently released policy regarding staff use of social media such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube reference to human resource management and the legal context

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Emergence of internet and its usage brought about many changes in our society as well as life and one amongst them are the way we socialize today. The contemporary world is fast and complex. People thrive on success in life from both status as well as financial point of view. Twenty-four hours of the day flies to make the statement truer “time flies”. At the same time, people need to be connected with each other as these relationships get utilized someway or the other, socialistic or professional form. As a part of this change from the traditional format of socializing, the social networking sites were discovered one day and today, we do not live without them. It began with just one or two and in the current stage, every large companies have ventured into making these social networking sites interesting and interactive in their best way. As a part of the modernization techniques, we have adopted yet another format of change in the form of social networking sites however, many parts of the world and especially the corporate world, could still not change completely to this contemporary method of socializing. Mr. Ricardo Semler’s Seven Day Weekend was published mid year 2000 and social networking sites other than normal chat machines like etc., started gaining popularity much later than that. However, adequate application of Semler’s strategy has still not happened. These cannot be a system failure always; rather these are human failure many a times. Therefore, whether use of social networking sites should be unrestricted or not really, have many factors to decide and most important of such are self sense of responsibility on the part of employees themselves. We have evaluated the same idea and concluded that some policy is always better to implement to put some restrictions in place but at the same time, the facility should not be stopped completely or restricted by time, rather let technology play it safe. <br />

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