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Research report on the Capabilities of Tesco to enter Australian Retail Industry

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One of the major contributors to the growth of Australian economy is its retail industry. The retail industry alone contributes to the Austrian economy of about dollar to about dollars 240 billion annually (IBISWorld, 2012). The fast food sector of Australia is growing rapidly to complementing the growth of supermarkets and grocery stores. The retail sector of Australia is dominated by two major companies, Coles and Woolworths. The UK-based Tesco is one of the top 10 supermarkets in the world and has its presence in 14 countries (Tesco, 2012). Tesco is also the largest supermarket chain in the UK. However, Tesco is yet to enter Australian retail markets. The research studies or celebrated industry and the research also analyses the capabilities of Tesco to enter Australian retail industry. The research uses both primary and secondary methods to find out as to whether Tesco can successfully penetrate into Australian retail markets. Secondary research involves the study of micro environmental factors of the Austrian data industry and also in the study of market forces with the help of scholarly business and academic articles. The primary research involves conducting surveys and interviews and analyzing the survey results using statistical methods and tools (Hill, 2011). The report also includes the study of market entry strategies and the report finally concludes as to whether or not Tesco should enter Australian retail industry.<br />

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