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Analysis of the famous 'Tesco inTurkey' Case study

Number of Words : 3314

Number of References : 15


 This paper answers the following questions on the case study -
 Question 1
 Critically evaluate the international opportunities and threats for retailers such as Tesco over the last 30 years. Applying structured analysis frameworks where appropriate, discuss the implications for retailers in developing and maintaining their internal competences to be able to operate successfully in today’s dynamic and competitive operating environment. What are your overall conclusions?
 Question 2
 Using examples from retailing, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of localisation as part of a globalisation strategy. What do you conclude?
 Question 3
 The case study describes Tesco as being at a crossroads in Turkey. What recommendations would you make for its future operations in Turkey, and why?
 Question 4
 Describe and discuss how Tesco can manage the cultural issues that result from being a global player.


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