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Operations Management assignment on TESCO

Number of Words : 3943

Number of References : 10


 1 Introduction 3
 2 Introduction to Problem 3
 3 Process Map 6
 4 Discussion of relevant Operations and Theory 8
  4.1 Queuing Theory 9
  4.2 Analysis of Queuing System 11
  4.3 Total Quality Management 12
 5 Comparison of Theory with Practice 13
 6 Impact on Quality and customer focus 16
 7 Recommendations to improve the process 17
 8 References 19


This assignment provides answer to the following question – <br />Choose an operations management problem relating to an organisation with which you are familiar and undertake a critical review. This should include:<br />1. an introduction to the problem and its relationship to operations practice in the organisation;<br />2. an explanation of the process(es) under consideration (ideally incorporating some form of process map)<br />3. a discussion of relevant Operations theory (make sure that you consider other theory as well as TQM, and that you demonstrate a critical approach to the theory);<br />4. a comparison of the theory with the practice;<br />5. consideration of changes which will improve quality and/or customer focus; and<br />6. recommendations as to how the process(es) could be improved.<br />

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