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Tesco’s project on expanding their market in Asia – Project management

Number of Words : 4609

Number of References : 20


 Introduction 3
 The project background 3
 Needs and expectations of the different stakeholders 4
  Employees 4
  Customers 5
  Suppliers 5
  Community 5
  Government 6
 Tools and techniques of project management 7
 Work breakdown structure 7
 Gantt chart 9
 Example case study of Tesco plc 10
 Critical path method 12
 PERT analysis 13
 Findings from this project 15
 Summary and reflections on the project of Tesco 16
 Recommendation 17
 Conclusion 18
 Bibliography 19
 Bibliography 21


This assignment is based on the following requirement – <br />Write a report on the process approach to project management. For this assignment, you are required to research a number of case studies/articles. Based on these case studies/articles, you must:<br />a) Identify and discuss the needs and expectations of stakeholders, and then, critically evaluate the process/approach selected for the management of this project<br />b) Discuss a project in which scheduling is not important, and evaluate the use of work breakdown structure(WBS), Gantt chart, critical path method/analysis (CPM/CPA), and the basic PERT approach to scheduling for particular projects - use case studies to support your response<br />c) Critically evaluate how the success of the project chosen in part (a) was measured, (assuming that there is more than one measure); discuss how it may have been reconciled<br />d) As a summary, reflect on what you researched for this assignment and any implications for your current or future practice as a project manager. Evaluate how your perception about project management may have altered because of this assignment. Outline possible changes you intend to make to your practice as a project manager.<br />

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