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Report on Strategic Marketing management of Tesco

Number of Words : 4334

Number of References : 26

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 Executive Summary 3
 Introduction 4
 BCG Matrix: Identification Tesco’s business position 5
 Environmental analysis 6
 Business Environment supporting innovation (PESTEL) 8
 Product review OF Tesco 9
 Competitive reviews/analysis 10
 Distribution strategy 10
 SWOT analysis for the organization 11
 Marketing and financial objectives for 2012 13
 Overall Business strategy 14
 Zeroing on the optimized strategy through Porter’s Generic Strategy Model 15
 Creating Value 15
 Innovation 16
 Barriers to imitation 16
 Adaptability of the organization 16
 Zeroing on the optimized strategy from Ansoff Matrix 16
 Strategic Fit 17
 Acceptability of the strategy 17
 Feasibility of the strategy 17
 Justification of the optimized strategy 18
 Analysis through marketing mix – 4ps 18
 Selection of research methodology 19
 Selecting Marketing organization 19
 Preparing action plan 19
 Planning Control 20
 Contingency plans 20
 Conclusion 20
 Bibliography 21


The objective behind writing this report is to identify the strategic marketing management of Tesco. This composition deals with how this strategic management helps the company for their overall business growth. This company highly depends on customer orientation as well as follows cost leadership strategy. But as the competition is increasing and trend is changing, the company should go for continuous implementation of new strategies to expand and sustain the market position. This report has tried to identify different strategic options which could be effective for further development<br />

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