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Strategic Business Management and Planning In Tesco, one of the most credible retail ventures of the UK

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 This assignment is about the background , Organizational Structure,Corporate Culture, Tesco’s Survival Strategy amidst depression, and strategic commentary on the steps Tesco, one of the most credible retail ventures of the UK needs to take to address major issues and concerns.


Tesco PLC is one of the reputed retail ventures of the UK. In this paper, thrust is given on Tesco PLC’s strategic business management and planning that has enabled the company to enjoy larger market share and customer credibility. Here, an attempt is made to bundle the factors that have made growth of Tesco PLC possible. Special focus is given to practices adapted by the company to increase customer retention rate and loyalty. Corporate culture and organization have made both survival and growth of Tesco PLC possible. Globalization comes with a sense of improvement and connectivity associated with it. It can be considered as the vital key and primary activities in bringing together the whole world. There is no denying that developments in information and communication technology have been the driving force behind the success of the companies and individuals all across the world. The fundamental purpose of this study is to highlight the importance of information and communication technology being the prime factor behind the development of globalization. The world is shrinking at a rapid speed with all the information available in seconds. The advancement in technology and communication has opened doors for the organizations to compete in a global environment. The study also reveals certain facts and figures related to the information and technology that has contributed in the success of the globalization. <br />

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