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Analysis the famous case study ‘The Bank Manager’ along with the article “Risk Management in Banks”

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This paper answers the following questions – <br />1. What theory of motivation does the Commonwealth Bank seem to apply in motivating staff for customer service?<br />2. How does Ralph Norris manage stress and how does this compare with the stress management concepts discussed in your set text?<br />3. According to Ralph Norris, what constitutes a successful team? How do these align with the successful team factors presented in your text book?<br />4. What concepts of internal communication are outlined by Ralph Norris and how do these align with the communication concepts discussed in the text book?<br />5. The “Risk Management in Banks” article (above) identifies 3 main categories of banking risk today. Classify each as either Financial or Non-financial risk and briefly discuss the main features of each of the 3 categories of risk in relation to the Commonwealth Bank?<br />

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