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Review of the article – ‘The emerging capital market for non-profits’ by Robert S. Kaplan and Allen S. Grossman

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Emerging capital market for non profits has attained a lot of attention from academicians as well as researchers. The emerging concept of capital market has received a lot of attention from economists and financial analysts due to a distinct class altogether. The summary of the article sheds light on the two distinct view of capital market for non profits which existed a decade ago and its comparative analysis today in the modern world. The article highlights in the two distinct view of looking at non profit organization. An older view which has been highlighted initially in the article states that traditional non profit organizations would run different campaigns to accumulate capital and funds from investors. As a result, they would work on new projects which are directed towards social development. In the words of Kathryn (2011), by working for a social cause, this would motivate the donors to invest in large numbers which could be further used for the development of the society. <br />

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