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Analysis of the famous case study – “The Good Coffee Anywhere Company – A Research Brief”

Number of Words : 2020

Number of References : 7




This paper answers the following 5 questions on the case study – <br />1. What is the MDP as expressed in the background material and in the research brief? Is this an adequate description of the decision problem?<br />2. What solution has the new product development team decided on as a means of responding to the business problem?<br />3. What is the MRP as expressed in the research brief?<br />4. Examine the structure of the research brief and compare it with the research brief pro forma shown on Page 54. Describe your comparison and highlight any differences or any omissions that you find.<br />5. Examine the content of the each section of the research brief and compare it with the guidelines given on pg 55-58. Give suggestions about how the weaknesses in the research brief can be overcome.<br />

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