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Essay on ‘The impact on new Technologies on IT Management’

Number of Words : 2360

Number of References : 14


 1. Introduction 3
 2. Information technology management 3
 3. Emerging technologies 5
 4. The impact of new and emerging technologies on IT management 6
 4.1. Communication 6
 4.2. Inventory management 7
 4.3. Data management 7
 4.4. Customer relationship management 8
 4.5. Knowledge management 8
 5. Advantages 9
 6. Disadvantages 9
 7. Future prospects 10
 7.1. Robot technology 10
 8. Conclusion 10
 Bibliography 12


Information technology has brought huge changes in many industries, businesses etc. Technology has changed the traditional methodology of doing business and bringing the new ways of doing business in the market. It has also impacted the life of every individual in some way or the other. Business or general activity technology has some role to play everywhere. The objective of this report is to understand the impact of these technologies. <br /> High speed data networks, data warehouse, commerce and other emerging technologies are changing the way the business was use to done. The tenfold increase on the investment on information technology by United States organization also shows the effect and importance of technology. The objective of this report is to analyze the impact of these emerging new technologies on information technology management on various industries and business organization. <br /> This report focuses on understanding the information technology industry, then the role of emerging new technologies in the market. Then this report discusses how these emerging new technologies have changed the role of technology have affected the information technology management within the organization. This report will be helpful for managers in understanding the importance of technology in the organization.<br />

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