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Project report on 'The Indian Contract Act, 1872'

Number of Words : 4891

Number of References : 2


 1. Introduction
 2. Scope and Application of the Act
 3. Definition
 4. Essential Elements of a Valid Contract
 5. Types of Contracts
 6. Offer
 7. Acceptance
 8. Lawful Considerations
 9. Competent to Contract
 10. Free consent
 11. Revocation of offer
 12. Agency
 13. Other issues of the Indian Contract Act,1872
 14. Conclusion


Indian Contract Act 1872 is the main source of law regulating contracts in Indian law, as subsequently amended.<br />It determines the circumstances in which promise made by the parties to a contract shall be legally binding on them. All of us enter into a number of contracts everyday knowingly or unknowingly. Each contract creates some right and duties upon the contracting parties. Indian contract deals with the enforcement of these rights and duties upon the parties.<br />

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