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Critical essay on the topic – “The nature of knowledge was changed in the transition from oral to literate culture. How will the nature of knowledge change in a digital culture?”

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  About Oral and Literate Culture
  Shift from Orality to Literacy
  Knowledge in the Age of Print
  Nature of Knowledge in digital culture


To begin with, the nature of knowledge has been continuously altering for centuries. It is highly believed that the nature of person along with the society alters whenever there is a move in culture, like from Orality to literacy and further to print and then digital culture . Moreover, this transformation is deemed as a shift from exteriority to that of interiority as well as from collective frameworks to the self-insightful. This particular essay provides a detailed insight into the concept of oral culture as well as literate culture and the fact how the society altered as distinct communication techniques were fabricated. The essay first highlights the changes that took place in the nature of knowledge when the culture changed for oral to literate. Then, it mirrors how the introduction and use of printing press intensified and changed the nature of knowledge. Further, the essay attempts to present an insight into the change in the nature of knowledge in a digital culture. <br />

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