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Research proposal on ‘The research process which allows the clients to convey the right message to the audiences’

Number of Words : 3509

Number of References : 20


 Abstract 2
 1 Introduction 2
 2 Literature Review 5
 2.1 Research Questions 7
 3 Research Methodology 8
 3.1 Research Design 8
 3.2 Population and Sample 10
 3.3 Data Collection Strategy 10
 3.4 Research Instruments 11
 3.5 Reliability and Validity 11
 4 Ethical Consideration 12
 5 References 13
 6 Appendices 16
 6.1 Gantt chart 16
 6.2 Research Onion 17


Today media has made the world smaller. The different mediums of media such as newspaper, radio, television or internet help people across the world to connect and share the knowledge. They help people all around the world to know about the different products and services. Television is still the best medium for advertising about the products and services. A TV ad has become very essential these days and is a powerful sales tool. The report talks about the role of TV ads, the process of creating an ad and the methods involved in making sure that the ad makes a good impact on the target audience. The report mentions about the ethical issues which might arise while creating the TV ad. The report talks about the research process which allows the clients to convey the right message to the audiences and help them make the right choices in buying the products and services.<br />

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