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Analysis of the famous case study - 'The Transformation of NCR'

Number of Words : 459

Number of References : 2


 This report is based on the following instructions -
  A case report presents four subheadings: Problem summary, Analyses, Alternatives, and Recommendations.
  I am assigned the PROBLEM SUMMARY.
  Attached you will find the Case for this assignment in format called (The Transformation of NCR).
  The general procedure for this assignment is to distil the essence of the problem or opportunity faced from details provided in the case.
  Read the case quickly once to gain the general overview of major issues presented in the case. 
  Reread the case more carefully now to gain a thorough understanding of the facts of the case.
 Briefly outline the basic situation or problem you perceive.  State key facts and assumptions that support your perception and understanding.  If your understanding of the problem is at variance with the perceptions or statements of actors in the case, provide a brief discussion of the difference and justification for your views.


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