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Analysis of a Fictitious case study on Project Management – ‘The Wheatley Sports Stadium’

Number of Words : 5008

Number of References : 9


  Part A – Project Stakeholders
  Entities involved in The Wheatley Sports Stadium construction project
  Stakeholder Analysis
  Part B – Recruitment
  Part C – Cost Projections
  Part D – Progress Assessment
  Part E – Appraisal of Project Management
  Project Human Resources Management
  List of references
  Annexure !


The Euro Youth Games is one of the most prestigious events for the European countries. This event is not only an athletic and sporting activity, but a gesture of goodwill between the European Union states. The athletes are encouraged to be a part of this prestigious event not only to earn money, but reputation and fame for their sporting career. It is combination of an effort to pump in money, fame and goodwill to nations in the European Federal Governments. Havoc capital are invested in this project and good tie ups also happen between the local governments, businesses houses and EU governments and each parties involved, look for not only profitability but visibility. Oxford is one place full of large education institutions and large open grounds available. That is the reason, it was chosen for the Euro Youth Games for the forthcoming period. Oxford Games Committee is also well know to promote a lot of youth for sporting and extra curricular activities during their academic sessions and hence it was identified as one of the encouraging ground for the European Union. However, it was discovered that a proper sports ground or stadium was not available which was a basic infrastructure problem of the location Oxford. Wheatley was chosen as a specific location and it was cumulatively decided that within the specified time limit a state of the art stadium would be constructed. The chosen location was earlier used for sports purposes and it was a little away from the residential colonies, positive side of it was that less amount of hindrance was anticipated. This project is about analysis the various aspects of the project and project planning, scoping, costing activity and how the project management has been done to successfully complete the given task. It hence works as a master plan or learning experience for any project planning and large project management task to be planned and executed well. This is a science and it happens with some systematic view points, action plan and processes. We would evaluate and learn from them. <br />

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