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Analysis of the famous case study “The Wiggles” by Peter Leisch, Mathew Steen, Stuart Middleton & Jay Weerawardena

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This paper answers the following questions on the case study “The Wiggles” – <br />1. What is unusual about The Wiggles’ business model? What experiences did they rely on to identify a niche target market, both in their home market and in host markets overseas?<br />2. When Greg the Yellow Wiggle left the bank, The Wiggles were able to successfully replace him because of the strength of their brand. What can you identify as core components of The Wiggles’ brand, and do you feel that these strengths can be sustained in foreign markets?<br />3. One key element of The Wiggles’ brand is its corporate social responsibility (CSR). How do The Wiggles demonstrate this CSR in their operations in markets at home and overseas?<br />4. The Wiggles is an organisation with a wealth of key intangible resources. Can you identify these resources and explain how they assist the firm in moving into new overseas markets?<br />5. It might be expected that The Wiggles would confront wide variations in ‘psychic distance’ (cultural and business differences between the home-country and foreign markets) as they enter markets overseas. How does the concept of psychic distance relate to The Wiggles, and do you feel that this type of enterprise would be disadvantaged by widely different psychic distances?<br />6. Relate The Wiggles’ product to the issue of standardisation versus customisation in worldwide markets. Do you think this type of product lends itself to world standardisation?<br />

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