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Assignment on Titanic Expedition project 1985

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  Key problem
  Background of the project
  Concept of the project
  Solution of the project


The Royal Mail Ship (RMS) Titanic was designed to be one of the greatest achievements of an era of prosperity, confidence and propriety known as the Gilded Age. The transatlantic steamship business was intensely competitive as advances were made in ship design, size and speed. The ‘unsinkable’ Titanic hit an iceberg on the unfortunate night of April 15, 1912 and sank in the ocean. The wreck of Titanic was first discovered by Dr. Robert Ballard in 1985. This expedition signalled the beginning of a new era in undersea exploration and a turning point in public attention to the wonders of the deep sea. Although lost in the media attention, the engineering advances made on this expedition led to the development of a new generation of exploration vehicles, sophisticated imaging capabilities, and opened new fields of study.<br />

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