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Essay on the topic – ‘To what extent can self efficacy predict Health Behavioural Change’

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  Self-Efficacy and its Applications
  Effect of Self-Efficacy & Human Behaviour Changes


Health behavioural changes, if we see in day to day cases can be predictable by the activities of the person but it is not easy to link all of them with the changes that occur instantaneously by self-efficacy. For it we have to learn thoroughly about the self-efficacy and its impact prior to make any comment related to the behavioural change. So in general it’s not an easy thing to dealt with and need proper research along with evidences. Self-efficacy predicts the behavioural changes but it also has its own limitations which will be discussed in this article. The present article address the issues related to health behavioural changes and the limitations of the self-efficacy in its prediction and other associated problems which are involved directly or indirectly.<br />

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