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Essay on the topic – “To what extent can social cognition and cognition models be used to change health behaviours?”

Number of Words : 2197

Number of References : 11


  Health Belief Model (HBM)
  Protection Motivation Theory (PMT)
  Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB)
  Social Cognitive Theory (SCT)
  Health Locus of Control (HLC)
  Lay Theories on Health


Health Behaviours refer to any individual’s habits towards its own well being. There are many factors which affect this kind of behaviour – individual and social. Social cognition and cognition models has always remained an area of interest among psychologists and researchers. Many researches were performed in this area and many theories or models were developed. Social cognition models describe the role of beliefs and social interventions in shaping any individual’s behaviour. These models have been successful in reasoning of certain kind of behaviours and thus laid the base for more developments in this domain. We will discuss and analyze few models which had gained significant attentions from researchers.<br />

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