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Short essay on ‘Total dependence on renewable energy: A technically feasible option for the UK?’

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For many decades now, the world has relied mostly on non-renewable energy sources such as fossil fuels. As Boyle, Everett and Ramage (2003: 3) put it, ‘the world’s current energy systems have been built around the many advantages of fossil fuels, and we now depend overwhelmingly upon them’. This over-dependence on a single energy source is dangerous as fossil fuel reserves are finite and currently concentrated in a few countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Population growth, which studies show could account for an estimated 1.4% increase in annual global energy demand (Da Rosa, 2009: 9), is another factor that underscores the importance of having alternative sources of energy. For these reasons, environmental experts have pushed for the use of renewable energy sources across the globe.<br />

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