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Total Quality Management Assignment on a fictitious fast food restaurant in Queensland, Australia

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 This assignment is based on the following assignment description –
 You are the new manager of a large fast food outlet based in Mackay, Queensland. Your store has a (mostly casual) staff of one hundred and fifty (150) people. You report to the CEO of the fast food franchise who is based in Melbourne. The CEO has minimal active involvement in the outlet, but has firm expectations about how it will be managed.
 The owner has given you eighteen (18) months to implement total quality management in the fast food outlet, starting January 2011. He has instructed you to prepare a short report that describes how you will implement total quality management.
 1. Describe how you will prove to the CEO that you have successfully implemented Total Quality Management.
 2. Write an Action Plan that lists the steps in implementing Total Quality Management at the fast food outlet.
 3. Describe each of the steps by stating in plain English what will be done and why.
 You are not to use the process on pages 602-607 in Goetsch and Davis (2009) – find a process that has been published elsewhere, and which involves considerably less steps than the Goetsch and Davis process. You should conduct research to identify a suitable process.
 Note: The organisation is fictitious. You can invent information about the organisation. Do not be elaborate in what you make up, and try to keep it realistic. Always remember that the purpose of the report is to demonstrate what you know about quality management and about the implementation of Total Quality Management, it is not about demonstrating in-depth knowledge of retail sales or other industries.


Total quality management is a scientific approach to solve the problems that occurs in any organization. It also ensures that the steps are taken to reduce the breakdowns and delays, errors and defects and inefficiency. It is the attitude of the organization that is aiming in providing its customers the best of the services and satisfy their needs ( Brocka & Brocka 1992). Term total means involving everyone in the organization in achieving the quality at all levels and across all the functions. Quality means meeting the customers requirement at the first time as well as every time. Management means that everyone is responsible for managing their own jobs. This paper analyses the implementation of the total quality management in a fast food restaurant. <br />

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