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Report on Total Quality Management at IBM Singapore

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Number of References : 10




This report is based on the following questions – <br />You are to study a real service organization in Singapore which has or will benefit from TQM implementation. You have to produce a report addressing the following questions in order.<br />Question 1<br />Introduce the subject (include the organisation’s name, telephone number address in Singapore and if any, website address). Describe two (2) current issues in its business environment and provide two (2) impetus for the subject to implement a TQM system. List the sources (i.e names and designation of interviewees and/or publications) which you used to identify these issues.<br />Question 2<br />Describe how the Six Sigma DMAIC process could be implemented in one of the work processes of the subject. For each step of the DMAIC, recommend one (1) tool and describe how it can be used by the subject.<br />Question 3<br />Discuss any three (3) business variables (price, cost, productivity, environment, etc) that quality has an effect on, and which will help the subject achieve better business results. <br />Question 4<br />Recommend two (2) types of audits that can help the subject validate its quality efforts. <br />Question 5<br />Describe three (3) possible obstacles the subject might face in implementing and sustaining TQM. Recommend a solution for each challenge.<br />Question 6<br />Describe five (5) key learning points that you have acquired from working on this assignment.<br />

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