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Detailed analysis of Tourism industry in India with key focus on Mediescapes India

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India is the world’s most attractive destination to travel to at the moment. There are many reasons for these. So far it was only the immense heritage, the essence of this heritage and a major pull factor were towards it was the biggest attraction points. That heritage essence has now been thoroughly utilized to give India an edge over many places and has made it one of the largest tourism destinations in the world today. Moreover, added to the heritage, today India has a flavor of medical benefits and cost savings which are some of the best services being given. Business, sports to name a few. Travel and Tourism businesses have taken the shape of a complete industry in India contributing significantly in to GDP of the nation. Many similar reasons are also pushing the tourism business in India like the upcoming Common Wealth Games in 2010, the FDI policy of opening up an education sector to global players in India, by virtue of which almost all global educational institutions would have the levy of investing in or opening new educational institutions in India. Also, the increasing business propositions amongst nations, the private equity investors, and last but not the least, the high caliber medical professionals are the reasons for the expansion of this industry. Apart from the hospitals and nursing homes, natural therapies like Yoga, Auyurveda etc, are the biggest attraction points for the medical tourists, who only come to India for these services, as they do not get these anywhere else. Therefore, yes, one of the most shining destinations for tourism is India right now (India Brand Equity Foundation, 2010). <br />

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