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Analysis of the famous case study – Training2Work

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 This assignment is based on the following case study –
 Case Study – Training2Work
 Training2Work is an organisation that delivers short courses and training across a wide variety of industries. Their website has been very under-developed, citing only basic information. They have recently purchased an on-line tool, Internet Sales Manager (ISM) to upload all their course information to their website and with over 100 courses, they are very excited about this new endeavour. They believe it will increase their student numbers and place them at number one in their region and become the training organisation of choice. Training2Work prides itself on their highly skilled workers in each Division. They have very specialized staff dedicated to particular roles, within Training, Marketing and Sales, respectively. All work done in each
 division must be approved by the Senior Manager of each division and Senior Managers attribute this type of control to their success. The only staff dilemma is that with internal recruitment for positions, staff from other divisions do not apply, as they believe their Division to be the best and the other teams to be inferior. Staff also feel that as they have specialised training in their division, they would not have the right skills to apply for a transfer to another division.
 Training2work has a Training Division that plans and develops new courses and makes incremental changes to all courses they plan to deliver that semester. This division has designed their own forms and computer system to hold all the information they require about their courses. This division has a Senior Training Manager, who reports directly to the CEO. The Senior Training Manager supervises the Product Development Manager (PDM). The PDM supervises 60 Trainers and the Administration Co-ordinator who in turn supervises 20 administrative staff. Once the courses are developed and approved by the Senior Manager, the course information is then uploaded into the Course Development System (CDS).
 The course information can sometimes be comprehensive, other times it is incomplete, as the administration staff have to rely on the busy trainers to give them the course details or they are waiting on courses to be approved. Sometimes the administration staff are still inputting many courses into the data base, after the beginning of the Semester. The culture in the division is, “as long as they can provide marketing and sales the names of the courses they are running, they should be able to sell the courses to students – however - isn’t that what Marketing and Sales are for?”
 The Marketing Division has a Senior Manager, who reports directly to the CEO. The Marketing Manager supervises ten marketing staff. The Training Division then gives the Marketing Manager a list of courses for the semester. The marketing team updates ISMs and promotes the courses through other mediums. Once the information is uploaded from the Training Division, the TACS officer inputs this information into the Training and Course Sales Database (TACS). TACS is the in house data base used to provide potential students with information about their course or choice.
 The Sales Division has a Senior Manager, who reports directly to the CEO. The Sales manager also supervises the TACS officer and twenty customer service staff. The customer service staff process customer enquiries, face to face, by phone and respond to web enquiries. The sales staff sometimes have many email enquiries, in their inboxes as face to face and phone customers are a priority for the division.
 The CEO invested a considerable sum of money into the new Internet Sales Manager system and is very concerned that the student numbers have not increased at all. The CEO calls his senior staff to a meeting in to explain why their Marketing approach is no good and why “Sales People” are not getting Sales! He also questions if their products are developed into contemporary training courses that appeal to Industry and the general public.
 The Senior Training Manager advises that he has done his job and has developed 20 new courses this Semester! The Marketing Manager is adamant that they have conducted an extensive marketing campaign!
 The Sales Manager explains that they have many customers enquire about courses. Many customers are leave without making a commitment, as they don’t have enough information about the course to make a decision. For example sales staff do not know the exact dates and times the courses are running. The Sales
 Manager says that the Training Division does not provide enough information. The Senior Training Manager refutes this claim and states that there is plenty of information given to inform what the course is about, and even what jobs they could obtain after completion. He states that Sales are not doing a good
 enough job! The CEO demands that student numbers increase and they had better get their divisions in order.
 All three managers leave the meeting annoyed and blaming the others. All divisions are highly specialised in their particular areas and they all sincerely believe that their division is doing an excellent job!
 The CEO has called upon you, a Senior HR Manager from CQ University’s People and Culture to provide a solution to this dilemma. After investigating the issues, you determine that the problem lies with the structure of the organisation.


This paper answers the following questions on the case study – <br />You are to analyse the case and write a short report recommending solutions to the CEO. To do this you must:<br />• Analyse the key problems within the case from an organisational design perspective.<br />• Define the current structure and develop key arguments as to why the existing organizational structure does not work.<br />• Develop a solution based on a new organisational structure and develop key arguments to support this change.<br />• You are expected to support your arguments by reading widely and applying theory and/or models from the literature.<br />

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