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Business economics assignment on UK Car market

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  The UK Car Market
  UK Car Market before And During Recession
  The UK Car Market after Recession – A Forecast


The UK is probably one of the first few countries that used cars as mode of transportation. The UK car market saw a slump during the great depression but recovered soon. The car market in the industry has been experiencing ups and downs over the years. However, the current recession and the subsequent credit crunch in the market has led to decline in sales of new cars as well as used cars since the past five years or so (The Manufacurer,2008). The sales figures of cars are continuously sliding since 2003 and recorded the lowest sales figures in 2008. Once booming car manufacturing industry of the UK is now faced with permanent damage to the industry, if adequate steps are not taken to arrest the downfall. Ford had to sell its Jaguar and Land Rover plants to an Indian company Tata Motors due to dwindling sales and eventual prospects of bankruptcy. The situation is no better elsewhere in the world. General Motors of the USA was on the verge of bankruptcy and had to be bailed out by the government of the USA. There were reports of Tata Motors owned Jaguar and Land Rover seeking governmental intervention to bail out from possible bankruptcy. However, it could manage funding from financial institutions. The report analyses the car market industry both used as well as new, of the UK in the last five years. The report tries to identify the reasons that led to the slide of the UK car market in the past five years. The report also forecasts future for the car market in the UK with the available data. This report finally makes recommendations on how the sales of used as well as new cars can be boosted. <br />

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