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Understanding the Importance of Resource Management and Sustainable Development

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Number of References : 22


 Importance of the Study 3
 Aims and Objectives of the Study 3
 Research Question 4
 Literature Review 4
 Natural Resources and Their Management 4
 Sustainable Development 5
 Progress towards Sustainable Development 5
 Socio Ecological System and Sustainable Development 7
 Sustainable Development, Economy, Environment and Society 8
 Research methodology 8
 Arrangement and Access 9
 Data Collection Method 9
 Sampling Method 9
 Research Approach 9
 Timed Objectives 10
 Works Cited 11


In today’s world, the resource management has become increasingly significant as resource management is considered to be a proficient and effectual exploitation of the resources of an organization when there is requirement of the same. The resources involves the environmental resources also which are required to be utilized so that it does not get exhausted by the present generation (Iqbal, 2014). In this connection, the importance of sustainable development and the subsequent importance of the research arrive. Sustainable development is that kind of strategy that congregates the requirements of the recent days without conciliating the capability as well as right of the next generations to have their own requirements. Development which is termed and regarded as sustainable development has unremitting to develop as that of defending the resources of the whole world. At the same time the original strategy of sustainable development is to have power over the resources of the whole world. In terms of environment, the growth which is associated with the sustainable growth demotes to economic development that reaches the requirements of all by not making future generations with fewer resources which are natural than that amount of resources which are natural the present generation is enjoy today (Mondal, 2010). The sustainability of development represents some of the most significant challenges regarding policies concerning the future of the whole world. None of the vital concerns over the resource management of the planet can be recognized from the sole viewpoint of a conventional discipline, whether in the natural, engineering, and social as well as health The reason behind choosing the Ph.D. in this topic is to generate a generation of scholars and professionals capable of to dealing with some of the most fundamental problems in the world today. <br />

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