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Assignment on United Kingdom Passport agency

Number of Words : 5810

Number of References : 26


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 Part A (50% of Assignment Marks)
 You are required to provide a fully referenced review of literature into the reasons why a large numbers of projects fail to meet cost, time and/or performance objectives.
 In answering this question you should consider those reasons which many authors consider as “avoidable” as well as the inherent difficulties associated with projects which increase their risk of failure.
 Word Count - 2500 words
 Marking Criteria
 The maturity exhibited in the choice of reasons cited and the discussion provided
 The understanding displayed in explaining the reasons for failure
 The rigor displayed in the review of literature in terms of its depth and the appropriateness of the sources used.
 The quality of the report
 Part B (50% of Assignment Marks)
 This section builds upon the above analysis and requires you to contextualise the reasons for failure identified in your literature review through an analysis of a major project. The case to be used for this analysis is that of “UK Passport Agency”.
 This case will be distributed in class
 Word Count - 2500 words
 Marking Criteria
 The appropriateness of the examples taken from the case study
 The maturity of the discussion in linking these examples to the reasons for failure described in part A


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