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Usability Evaluation of the efficiency of traditional keypad VS touch screen phones

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 Introduction 3
 Mobile features 5
 User Experience 7
 Conclusion 11
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There is a huge amount of excitement related to the touchscreen phones within the market in the present day and producers are trying their very best to satisfy the expectations and wants of the customers (Lee and Zhai, 2009). Although, the iPhone could be blamed for all this attraction, touchscreen mobiles have been around even before. The iPhone simply took touchscreen mobiles phones to an all new height due to its multi-touch abilities (Capin et. al., 2008). The customers are so much fascinated with what the iPhone is showcasing that they started to crave for it. Nevertheless, in the middle of all this, the customers have lost the capability to reason out whether it is a good choice or not. Shouldn't one be taking into consideration Touchscreen mobile phones individually or for that reason any other mobile phone, as per their input features instead of simply the budget at the time of purchasing it.<br />

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