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Report on use of Social Media in Business

Number of Words : 998

Number of References : 6


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 “Many sales reps and managers don’t believe social networking and media can increase their business…What is true — and will continue to hold more weight in the future — is that social media and networking can help you reach any business goal.” Anneke Seley
 You will each choose a form of social media (other than ) and you will answer the following questions from a sales reps perspective.
 You are a sales rep representing a line of jewelry...
  What is your choosen form of social media and how do businesses use it?
  How do you use it, who sees/uses it, what do you do with it, how do you reach current and new and old customers with your information, how often do you update/change it…
  What do you include in it, how do you present your information?
  Some tangible results you have obtained from your use of this social media (ficticious but based on your research)


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