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Use of Value Systems Theory as a leader to solve one specific leadership challenge in your organisation

Number of Words : 3335

Number of References : 12


 Section I 2
 Different Leadership styles and its impact on organization and personnel 2
 Values and Leadership System and Structure at Oman Arab Bank 3
 Section 2 6
 Value system of the organization and Industry 6
 Leadership Challenge at Oman Arab Bank 7
 Section III 10
 My Leadership Capabilities and CPD 10
 References 13


This report is based on the following requirement -<br />Use Value Systems Theory as a leader to solve one specific leadership challenge/issue in your organisation as well as produce a reflective account that critically evaluates your personal leadership/management style and approach. On completion of this Unit you be able to meet the Core Learning Outcomes (LOs);<br />1. Critically evaluate through theory application how certain types of leadership/management styles differ depending on history, culture, geographic life and conditions and how they impact strategy, people performance and productivity.<br />2. Critically evaluate leadership problems and challenges and your personal leadership capabilities and critically analyse the need for future development.<br />

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