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Using oncolytic viral therapy and immune checkpoint inhibition as combination therapy for cancer

Number of Words : 2701

Number of References : 17


 Introduction 2
 Oncolytic Virus 2
 Types and Properties of Oncolytic Viruses making them suitable as anti0cancer Therapy 3
 Principle of Immune Checkpoint Inhibition 6
 Influence of combination of the two therapies in treating Cancer 7
 Conclusion 9
 References 10


This report is based on the following requirement - <br />This assignment is intended to address two different anti-cancer therapies and their potential synergistic effect when combined. Points that should be included are:<br /> • The different types of oncolytic viruses<br /> • The properties of oncolytic viruses that make them suitable as an anti-cancer therapy<br /> • The principal of immune checkpoint inhibition<br /> • How would combining these two therapies be expected to result in a synergistic effect?<br />

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