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Analysis of the case Australian Broadcasting Corporation v Lenah Game Meats Pty Ltd [2001] HCA 63 15 November 2001 H2/2000

Number of Words : 2329




This paper answers the following questions – <br />(a) In which Court is the matter being determined, who are the parties to the case and what are their roles in the action, eg. plaintiff, defendant, appellant?<br />(b) What are the key facts in the case?<br />(c) What was the outcome of the case? Who won in the end?<br />(d) What are the key elements of the decision of each member of the Court?<br />(e) What are the major specific areas of law under discussion?<br />(f) What is the ratio decidendi?<br />(g) What are two examples of judicial statement that might be regarded as obiter dicta?<br />(h) Discuss briefly each of the judges’ views of the concept of the law of privacy.<br />(i) Do you consider the case comes to an appropriate outcome on the question of protecting privacy? Give reasons.<br />

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