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Value Chain Analysis of Shell

Number of Words : 3147

Number of References : 18


 Introduction 3
 Company Overview of Shell 3
 Concept of Value Chain Analysis 4
 Purpose of Value Chain Analysis 5
 Value Chain Analysis of Shell 6
 Gaining Competitive Advantage through the Value Chain through Global Operations 9
 Recommendations 10
 Conclusion 11
 Bibliography 12


This report is based on the following task - <br />Using the value chain analysis framework evaluate how a brand or a company of your choice has been able to enhance its competitive advantage in its global operations. <br />In choosing a brand / a company, you may consider the following:<br /> • The company you are working for<br /> • Any brand / company in Oman or the Middle East<br /> • Any other brand / company of your choice<br />Essentially this is an academic exercise, and therefore the depth and thoroughness of research is central to the task. Key points include: a discussion of the value chain concept - its meaning, purpose, merits, weaknesses if any, etc.; applying value chain analysis to the global operations of the brand / company chosen; and at the end providing some recommendations upon reflection of the research undertaken – in your opinion how useful is value chain analysis for managers; and any suggestions you might have to make value chain analysis more useful to managers. Details of marking criteria are as follows: <br />

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