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Video Business case report - Sweet Revenge for a Broken Guitar

Number of Words : 2121

Number of References : 7


 This report is based on the following requirement -
 Video Business Case Report
 This assignment challenges students to formulate a professional response to in-depth issues contained in a real life Video Business Case. Students are encouraged to review the Background video segments for the Video Business Case selected for analysis.
 Students will act as an independent professional consultant reporting to senior managers of the company concerned. Students are expected to provide informed and robust advice to this business client. A sophisticated understanding of the critical aspects of this Video Business Case needs to be demonstrated. A succinct and high impact report is expected.
 The report is expected to be <2,000 words, including an Executive Summary (<300 words) but excluding References and Appendices. A table of contents is unnecessary. Students need to display the total word count on the top right side of the cover page of the assignment submitted. Assignments exceeding the 2,000 word limit will be penalised 10% of the total mark for every 100 words over length. But using fewer words won’t necessarily result in a penalty.
 To support assertions made about the case being critiqued refer to the Required Readings provided in the Unit Outline Program Calendar. Students are strongly advised to refer to a minimum of five relevant and credible sources.


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