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Assignment on the Role & Importance of operations management in Virgin Atlantic Airways

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Virgin Atlantic has become a common name on both sides of the Atlantic and becoming increasingly popular in other locations as well. It is the second largest long – distance airline in the UK and the third biggest European carrier over the Atlantic (Zeithaml, 1996). The company was founded in 1984 by Richard Branson. It gradually grew through the decade to carry over 1 million passengers. The company has expanded to locations outside US and the UK such as the Caribbean, South Africa, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai, Delhi and Lagos. The company is majority owned by its founder – chairman, in spite of selling a 49% stake in December 1999 to Singapore Airlines. The company operates a two class system of travel: the upper class and the economy class with a number of variations and choices available in these options. The company has a fleet of about 38 aircrafts, of which there are 6 Airbus 340-300s and 19 Airbus 340-600s in addition to 13 Boeing 747s. Being a pioneer in technological field, the company also ordered 15 787-9 dreamliners which have increased fuel efficiency and orders on 6 A380s until 2013. The company also has a number of agreements with other airlines such as Continental Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, British Midland, etc. The partnerships are code – agreements on a number of factors such as increased operation between destinations to mutual flyer programs between the airlines. In all the company operates 10 routes to the US, 6 to Asia Pacific, 4 African routes, 1 Indian Ocean, 1 route to the Middle East, 8 Caribbean destinations. By the end of 2007, the company had carried nearly 53 million passengers and employs nearly 9000 personnel. The mission of the company as stated is “To grow a profitable airline, that people love to fly and where people love to work.” <br />

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