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Strategic Analysis of an Australian Company Virgin Blue

Number of Words : 3652

Number of References : 12

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  Executive Summary
  Introduction to Australian Aviation Sector
  Brief History of Virgin Blue
  Recent Changes in Aviation in Australia
  Impact of Price, competition, services and new strategies on rivals
  Usefulness of the concept of Porter’s Five Force Model for Virgin Blue
  Core Competencies of Virgin Blue
  SWOT analysis of Virgin Blue
  Strategy of Virgin Blue


Virgin Blue Airlines was launched in domestic markets of Australia by Virgin Atlantic Airlines of Great Britain. It took help from Laserfiche to get the passenger data. Since then, Virgin Blue has been successful in offering overseas flights too either through partnership agreements or through subsidiary airlines and now it is Australia’s second largest airlines. (Source: Website 1)<br />Virgin Blue attributes its success to efficient online ticket booking system and a single centralized database of all passengers. Success of Virgin Blue in International market was possible because of the contribution of Laserfiche. (Source: Website 1)<br />In this assignment we have tried to understand Australian Aviation sector with major competitors of Virgin Blue. We shall also see how Virgin Blue entered Australian market and soon became one of the most preferred airlines in Australia; we also shall study the macro environmental effect on Virgin Blue and what strategies are adopted by it to overcome them. Useful analysis of internal factors affecting Virgin Blue shall also be presented and recommendations would be made to overcome the weaknesses. <br />

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