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Operation Management assignment on Virgin Media

Number of Words : 4325

Number of References : 11


 1. Introduction 2
 2. Operations Management 3
 3. Virgin Media 4
 3.1. Customer Service – Work-force Scheduling --- Introduction to the problem 7
 3.2. Process Map and Explanation 8
 4. Relevant Operations Theory 12
 4.1. Forecasting 12
 4.2. Scheduling 14
 4.3. Total Quality Management (TQM) 15
 5. Relating Theory and Practice – The Case of Virgin Media 16
 5.1. Forecasting 16
 5.2. Scheduling 17
 5.3. Total Quality Management 18
 6. Need for Quality Customer Service and the Impact of Operations Theories 18
 7. Recommendations 19
 8. Conclusion 20
 9. References 21


This paper provides solution to the following question – <br />Choose an operations management problem relating to an organisation with which you are familiar and undertake a critical review. This should include:<br />1. an introduction to the problem and its relationship to operations practice in the organisation;<br />2. an explanation of the process(es) under consideration (ideally incorporating some form of process map)<br />3. a discussion of relevant Operations theory (make sure that you consider other theory as well as TQM, and that you demonstrate a critical approach to the theory);<br />4. a comparison of the theory with the practice;<br />5. consideration of changes which will improve quality and/or customer focus; and<br />6. recommendations as to how the process(es) could be improved.<br />

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