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Analysis of the famous case study – ‘Virgin Mobiles UK’

Number of Words : 6551

Number of References : 16


 1. Introduction
 2.Virgin Mobiles case analysis
 2.1 Brand building and promotional campaigns
 2.2 Pricing strategies
 2.3 Competitive advantages
 2.4 SWOT Analysis
 2.5 Porter’s five forces analysis
 3. Recommendations
 4. Conclusion


This paper answers the following questions on this case study – <br />1. Critically analyse and evaluate the macro environment in which Virgin Mobile (VM) operates. What do you believe to be the key drivers affecting the mobile segment in the UK?<br />2. Critically analyse and evaluate the key industry and competitive forces for the UK Mobile telephone industry? How attractive or profitable is this industry?<br />3. Critically analyse and evaluate Virgin Mobile’s Business model. How does Virgin Mobile achieve competitive advantage?<br />4. What competitive strategy is Virgin mobile following? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Virgin Mobile strategy. How can Virgin enhance its value proposition in light of your analysis?<br />5. Given the strategic and operational challenges facing Virgin mobile, to what extent is Virgin Mobile’s competitive advantage sustainable over the long term? Use appropriate concepts, frameworks and models to support your analysis.<br />

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